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I am an Inspiration Architect

(architect) : the deviser, maker, or creator of anything

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to acquire some rather amazing/rare experiences (and valuable skills) that have given me an authentic desire to create work that inspires other people. In the past, this work was done with a more individually artistic approach. However, after taking a step back and looking at my ambitions from a new perspective, my work has become much less about me and more about the community of individuals I have the opportunity to inspire. Simply put - my audience has become my passion, and their POSSIBILITY is at the center of ambition.

Absolutely every ounce of my work is about inspiring people. It's about creating moments that provide people with the ambition to explore their capacities. My work is about causing positive, thought-provoking chain reactions. It's about being as listenable as I can possibly be, and leaving people with something to build upon.

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How I get it done...

public speaking

I love the stage.

The stage is truly one of my absolute favorite places to be. With my experience based in professional theatre, nothing compares to the thrill I get from reaching a group of people and delivering a touching message from the stage. On stage, in front of an audience, is where I am in my element.

studio content

Creative Media

As a creative entrepreneur, my ideas are on a consistent stream. This stream of inspiration takes many forms by way of production at my studio based out of Auburn, Alabama. These forms include : web series, live radio, audio recordings, products, creative writing, and collaborative projects & events.

exclusive interactions

Curated & Authentic

These interactions include more of my private, "off the grid" engagements. Whether creative inspiration mentorships, youth educational workshops, program/project directing, or public presence coaching - my exclusive interactions are specially designed and generally of a more intimate aesthetic.


If we aren't pouring our heart into something
or someone, we are, unequivocally, misusing it.

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my story

We all have one.

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I wanted to be in the NBA for a very long time. That didn't work.
I went to school at Auburn University for a year. That didn't work.

I went into the United States Air Force, busted my ass beyond compare, got recognized, and served as an Executive Assistant to a few big whigs for the majority of my four years in. That worked out great. It was one of the most rewarding/educational periods of my life. It's where I absorbed my passion (knack) for leadership, professionalism, and even my entrepreneurial spirit.

While I was in the USAF, I moonlighted as an artist, spoken word poet, and theatrical stage actor along Florida's Gulf Coast. The military actually let me separate (honorably) a few months early to star in a role I was offered at a local theatre. The Pulitzer Prize winning author of the play was attending - so I begged.

So, at that point my creative snowball was set in motion - and led to :

...rewarding, professional experiences spanning from NYC & regional theatre, national television, independently produced performances, work with professional dance companies, TEDx stages, national Emcee work for prominent brands & organizations, teaching artist opportunities, administrative work at respected talent agencies & NY theatres, founding my own Alabama nonprofit Arts organization, curriculum/workshop development for k-12 schools & universities across the southeast, and a very long list of other creative endeavors.

There...that's a brief look into my past.

What I've learned from...



This is where I conquered my adolescence and established integrity in my character. The Air Force unfolded my knack for leadership and gave my spirit structure. It taught me the reward of a polished presence and how to make that presence stand out. It taught me how to level professional playing fields. It taught me the definition of sweat equity, and how to navigate my way through the success chain of an organization. I learned how to maintain credibility of voice in a disciplined environment. I learned the fast-pace nature of Executive level workings. The Air Force taught me how to implement and utilize a creative personality in a frequently "left-brain" environment. The Air Force provided me with a standard and passion for quality in my ambitions and work. In the end, my four years in the United States Air Force gave me the confindence that I could set out on a goal and finish with grace.


no place like home

The theatre has been my vehicle for the exploration of culture, people, personalities, and the human spirit. The theatre is where I learned to navigate my emotional and mental capacity. The theatre, on stage and off, has been a unique education on stellar communication. The theatre showed me the infinite power and necessity of diversity. The theatre was a flawless sharpening tool for my imagination and creative prowess. It's provided me with an extremely dynamic experience in conflict resolution within numerous environments. The theatre is where I learned the pure potential of what happens when many working and passionate parts of an idea/project come together for one sole purpose. It's where I learned how to adopt a process for my work/craft. It's where I polished my stage presence. The theatre taught me about storytelling and how to listen to life.


daily grind

Pursuing my passions as an independent creative entrepreneur is where my most potent life lessons come from. It's given me a first hand understanding of the value of consistency and drive. Creating and producing from the ground up teaches me how failure is much more than the end of something. Being an entrepreneur teaches me composure, and how to balance the ebb and flow of seeing an idea or project into fruition. It's teaching me about the effectiveness of simplicity. It's teaching how to engage, and articulate my message more directly. Being an entrepreneur is teaching me how to become a more dynamic decision maker each day as I go. Being an entrepreneur is a hard lesson in becoming completely trustworthy with myself, and being willing to accept change and valuable input. Above all, being an entrepreneur is teaching me to appreciate the journey of chasing a dream.

Avoid nothingness. It exists.


the definition

What is Becoming Possible?

Becoming Possible is about making a personal investigation into how we set ourselves in motion; and if we can't - figuring out what it is that represents our obstructions. It's a discussion & exploration on how to leap towards our opportunity. Becoming Possible is about breaking our potential down and finding out what it looks like at the root. This process will reveal the most simplistic steps we can take towards claiming and activating our possibility. Becoming Possible breaks down our capacity - to reach our capacity. It examines how to engage our spirit, and encourages us to celebrate all aspects of progress - no matter how small.

the principles

of becoming possible


Vision is not just about seeing something down the road. It's also about seeing beyond, around, and through the chaotic bullshit of doubt and other distractions. Vision is about noticing our own spirit, and understanding how our long line of sacrifices can lead us towards our next chapter of potential. Vision is about the ability to decipher what our ambitions & instincts are trying to tell us. In the end, vision is the root of our momentum. It is our trajectory - our thesis.


Our Process is more than just the science of how we make things happen - it's finding a musicality (routine) in that method. Developing a dynamic process is as important as a boxer being light on his/her feet. Our process is our railroad track - our sheet music. Having a comfortable process (that works) makes getting back on our feet (finding our groove) less of a burden. Without a process we can't find our "zone" - and that's exactly where we need to be.


We must ride the wave of our guts. Our guts are our vision's most necessary fuel. Guts don't come easy, and aren't consistently available. Therefore, our guts (courage/passion) need to bed fed and often re-invigorated. Our guts, in many cases, have to be utilized like a weapon in the face of disorder and idleness. Our guts are more practical than we give them credit for. Guts aren't melodramatic. They are blunt and straight-forward. Guts are a standard of possibility. Having guts is a must.


By far, one of the most undervalued principles and facets of life. Either by taking days off, or simply by regaining our bearings in a split moment - finding the opportunities to compose ourselves (escape) from our day-to-day chaos is so incredibly crucial to maintaining a possible spirit. We have to demand it of ourselves. We have to give ourselves the chance to let our hearts/minds roam freely, and find some source of balance. This is how we refresh. This is how we remind ourselves why we're pushing forward and towards anything.

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I believe that there are endless ways in which brands, companies, and organizations can connect with the comprehensive message of posivitity, potential and inspiration in my work. I, furthermore, have a passion for sitting down and developing creative, authentic ideas on how to make that happen. So...let's make that happen! Reach out to me at business@thedocwaller.com, and we'll work towards finding where our two roads meet!

watch these


About Becoming Possible Content

First off - thanks for digging into these videos! Here, over time, you'll find a mixture of specifically curated media pieces - all which center around one general focus : to give my audience something to question.

My goal is to feature as many different thoughts, personalities, and perspectives on possibility as I can, and do it in a way that encourages us all to take a look at ourselves and investigate parts (or the whole) of our potential. These are designed to provoke curiosity and exploration of who we are as people, and what we are entirely capable of.

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sounds of becomng possible

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Video Presentation

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recent press & feedback

kind words

From those I've had the pleasure of connecting with.

  • It's rare that you meet someone who reminds you why you started down the path you chose. Some people can even rekindle the fire and excitement about your potential. And then you have Doc. A light so bright that I can finally see anything I want can truly become possible.

    Carl Smith | Founder & Advisor , nGenWorks
  • Doc Waller is quite simply a force of nature masquerading behind sharp clothes, a witty tongue, and passion! Working with Doc is both a privilege and a commitment, as you inevitably find yourself inspired to try and match his drive, creativity and energy.

    Ru Mahoney | Exec. Director , Stokes Nature Center
  • There are very few people with the charisma and work ethic to match Doc Waller. His stage presence is palpable and delightful, and his character leaves nothing to be desired. I take every opportunity possible to work with him. You should, too.

    J Cornelius | President , Nine Labs
  • I have been keeping up with your evolution since our first contact a while back. I really resonate with what you are putting out into the world and admire how you are creating your own rules based on what moves you. Those are the times we live in and what we must do.

    Amy Oneal | Dancer , Choreographer , Educator
  • Doc is, quite simply, the most passionate person I've ever met. The only way he knows how to work is all the way. That quality alone makes him a leader above others. I have enjoyed every project that we have worked on together. His creativity and vision for his projects is enlightening. I look forward to working with him again soon.

    Julie Bunkley | Owner , Invision Events
  • Doc makes a significant impact on everyone he encounters. He led a workshop designed to utilize theatrically-based physical and verbal exercises as a means of providing inspiring visualizations for the student's future. I was intrigued at how well he communicated with students and also in his ability to reach "every" student. If you have the opportunity to participate in an educational workshop led by Doc, you will never stop smiling. His drive, leadership, passion, wit and creativity are exhibited in everything with which he is involved.

    Sara Custer | Cultural Arts Director , City of Auburn
  • Day-in & day-out, I've watched Doc build with his own unusual mix of militant zeal and artistic vision. Doc seems to effortlessly inspire creativity and goodwill. He commands enormous respect amongst his peers & co-workers. I've been the beneficiary of his trust & generosity; and I've had the privilege of observing him in action. Very simply: Doc is an absurdly talented and inspiring individual.

    Meredith Singer | Marketing & Communications Consultant

Up next on the schedule...

one spark

emcee : speaker series

One Spark is a five-day event for Creators. From April 9 - 13, 2014, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators will display Projects in a 20-square-block, multi-Venue gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. One Spark is about connecting people with great ideas to the resources they need to make them a reality. It's the community behind great ideas. It's your chance to submit and decide on the next big thing. It's the opportunity to get involved, be inspired, connect and collaborate.

creative south


Creative South is one of the premier art and design events in the Southeast. It started four years ago as a grassroots event. Unlike any other conference, Creative South prides itself in nurturing personal design conversations with the creative community at all levels. It's far more than just a networking event. Creative South exposes creative and marketing professionals, business people, and students to key speakers on the subject of branding and design in the digital era.

blog (latest)

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